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A discussion of Stephen and Bridget's children and their families.
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Photo Correction

Postby Eric E. Durnan » April 25th, 2016, 11:08 am

I am putting this photo here because it has been mislabeled for some time. The photo that I have came to me from my aunt, Martha Slagle, and she got it from Durnan cousin, Anne Voegtlin. I noticed that it was labeled as being Charles Durnan in the photo, but I did not think that it looked like him. My father confirmed that it isn't Charlie, but Jim Durnan, so the photo from L to R is brothers Jim, Ed, Jack, and Bill. The photo was taken at Fairbank, Iowa in September 1946.
James Durnan with brothers Ed, Jack, and Bill Durnan in Fairbank, 1946.jpg

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