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Life on the Durnan Farm - 1896

Posted: May 2nd, 2016, 5:01 pm
by Eric E. Durnan
I have a collection of news snippets from the Sumner Newspaper. In the July 30th, 1896 edition, it mentions Jack Durnan coming down from Minnesota and helping with the oats. I grew up on a farm, but we had tractors and more modern machinery. I've always been fascinated with how my great grandfather's generation farmed without electricity and tractors. I will post the weather and crop report from the same edition of the newspaper, then the snippet about Jack Durnan. Below that will be a video of an old oat thresher run by real horse power. I'm not sure by the news story if they mean a 14 horse power gas engine, or 14 horses. 14 horsepower was quite a bit in 1896 so I am inclined to believe it was real horses. This is what it would have looked like.

July 30th 1896 Weather and Crop Report.jpg

Jack Durnan Oat Pounding.jpg
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