East Coast and Fulda Mn Durnans

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East Coast and Fulda Mn Durnans

Postby kidnanrud » June 29th, 2011, 11:23 am

There are a number of Durnans on the East Coast, Maryland primarily. I have not been able to determine if and how they might be related.
There is also another Richard Durnan (as I am also Richard Durnan) who is an outstanding photographer located in Colorado but think he is related to the Maryland Durnans so don't have an idea how. His site, if you are interested is at: http://www.richdurnanphoto.com/
There is also an Arthur Durnan listed in a veteran's day memorial in the Fulda, Mn Freepress: http://www.fuldafreepress.net/default.a ... &secid=101 and, if I am not mistaken there was another Richard Durnan living in Fulda that was somehow related to my father (Harry) and his aunts Gertrude and Martha who lived next door to Dick in Fulda.
Oh well, hints and hints. Maybe I will learn more.

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Re: East Coast and Fulda Mn Durnans

Postby Eric E. Durnan » June 29th, 2011, 8:49 pm

The Richard Durnan from Fulda is in fact your father's first cousin. His father was James Durnan, and you have a photo of his mother Agnes in that collection of photos that you linked to on "the Porch". I know there were some Durnans out east, but unsure of how they are related. It's my understanding that there was a brother out in Pennsylvania that stayed there. LaVern Velau, Durnin cousin said that his Grandpa Charles (Stephen's brother) lived in Pennsylvania for awhile before coming to Iowa. Not sure of any other siblings. My Grandpa Leo Durnan wrote that Stephen lived in Pennsylvania for awhile before growing tired of the steel mills and then he moved south to work the rice fields. Well, there were some Durnins in Louisiana. They too were from County Fermanagh, but I was unable to link them to our Stephen. There is a collection of Durnin items at a college library down that way, but a researcher there said there wasn't any mention of a Stephen in those items.

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