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This is where info about this forum and the website in general will be displayed. It's good to check in here every once in awhile.
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Work in Progress

Postby Eric E. Durnan » May 19th, 2011, 2:03 pm

[FONT=Palatino Linotype]I hope you enjoy this new forum. Let me know if you have any troubles or run into any bugs. I'll be finishing up with the board for a bit here and will return to the main site to work on that for a little while. The main site will start showing Google Ads in a couple of weeks. It's not my doings. The program that I am using allows me to use it for 15 days for free. After that, I have to lease it for about $120 per month or it'll place Google Ads across the bottom of the pages. It won't affect the forum here. The forum is separate from the main site, althought they both reside on the same server. If any of you are web design geniuses and would like to help, drop me a line. I'd love to have a nice, sleek looking webpage. Once I get done with that webpage, I'll come back over to this end to finish up some loose ends. I hope you all enjoy this site. -Eric[/FONT]

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